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Sonsett is a five piece alternative/rock group from Nashville, TN.
The group formed in 2010 as a solo project by frontman Tim Casey. Picking up speed, they added three other members consisting of
Ben Yoder on lead guitar, and Josh Imlay on bass. Needing a drummer, Jake Hughes filled the position. The band started writing music quickly.
Sonsett released their first full-length record, "The House and The Harvest" in 2012.
An album going into detail with the relationships they had with one another while living in the same house for a year.
Sonsett toured later that same year in the Northeast gaining the local fan-base.
The band continues to write new music and play shows regularly into 2013.
Their EP entitled "Days Wasted" is now available on Bandcamp for free!

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  1. This is awesome song, lyrics.....gets better every time I hear it, which is rare.