Northampton, Massachusetts

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I'm Sopira & I love skateboarding & filming skateboarding especially. I've been skating for about 8 years. Me & my friends used to film on flip camera's & make little edit's to post on Youtube. About a year ago I began my career as a mobile DJ & founded my company 6160 Productions. There was a phase where DJ'ing & Producing music was all I did. As my business started to become more & more popular I found a balance between skating & DJ'ing & from then I started to film me & my friends with my iphone. My camera selection is limited but I plan to purchase a Canon t3i DSLR at some point in the future. For now though; i'll be uploading single shots at a time consisting of whatever i point my camera at. Life is a beautiful thing and every significant moment should be stored and shared. Live life to give, not to get!

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