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An indie acoustic rock trio, hailing from Canada, SOUL NIDUS have already enjoyed airplay in the UK on BBC stations as well as Kerrang! Radio, were subjected to a live on-air review by Noel Gallagher, and most recently, found their self-directed video for Clown on Strike, a song from their soon to be released album, showcased on COLDPLAY.COM : .
Reminiscent of an early Coldplay, add a powerful vocal injection à la Kings of Leon via the up to date and catchy acoustic style of Mumford and Sons and there you have Soul Nidus.
Summer of 2010 sees the band’s debut in the UK as SOUL NIDUS will be hand delivering their new album - name of which is still not revealed - to selected UK cities.
The band's new album, which was recorded in Ontario and mastered at England's famed Abbey Road Studios, is produced by Ehsan and Salman Ashrafi with the help of producer Graham Brewer.
Undoubtedly the best way to discover Soul Nidus is to take a listen for yourself, so go ahead, don't be shy!

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