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From Gospel To Hip Hop Soul With The Soulparanos Vinyl Collection, Vintage Soul Funk 70s Music In HD HQ, International Groove From Afrofunk To Afrobeat, With Caribbean, Latin & Rare Groove 80s. A Few Crate Diggers Has Joined Their Collection For Your Ears Only.
Waiting on our radio show live, we have made a web-radio on radionomy.
As a huge I-pod online, you can expect to listen Black & Brown boogie as usual !!!
Without speaker & without advertising, this radio is for our close followers.
Soul & Funk music style, are both back & more played around the world, by musicians & music designer.

We had suffered, our ears had suffered enough !! It's time to get involved, time to spread the music against hate, time to awake about what's good for health & peace of mind. So if this interest you, check out the radio.
Here is the site address:
& Here is the streaming:
Follow Us On You-Tube: ©TheSoulparanos Official

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