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Hi, and welcome to our Vimeo page.

We are a dynamic team of composers & sound designers specialising in creative audio composition for advertising, film & digital interactive media.

Since setting up in 2009 we have worked on numerous documentaries & worldwide advertising campaigns including work with L.A. production heavyweights Psyop on the McCann Erikson Heineken music campaign, bringing HBO's suite of Dutch promos to life with some slick sound design, writing the score for the IDA's current worldwide Irish foreign investment campaign, creating the audio identity eMobile & ESB Electric Ireland as well as providing sound design for the 2010 Oscar nominated short Granny O'Grimm with Brown Bag films. In addition to this we do alot of nut & bolts technical stuff mixing and formatting audio for broadcast to a variety of digital formats.

Our clients include top advertising agencies, independent film makers, animation houses, government agencies, producers, directors, post-production facilities and online marketing companies.

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