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sound:frame festival for audiovisual expressions

sound:frame Festival 2014 «A MATTER OF...» : March 25 – April 13, 2014
Exhibition: «IF THIS IS THE ANSWER, WHAT IS THE QUESTION?» at the MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts/ Contemporary Art, Opening March 25 2014, Exhibition March 26 – April 13, 2014

From the very beginning, the name sound:frame displays the equal alliance of music and (moving) image. The name contains frame, as in, the still of a film clip. sound:frame considers itself a platform for audiovisual expressions and has diverged into numerous directions since 2007. A keen focus is put on intercreativity and collaborations between different artists and theorists – video, music, design, architecture and performance.

«A MATTER OF...» is the title of this year’s sound:frame festival - placing the practice of posing questions and calling things into question.

It focuses on reflection processes within the development of audiovisual formats, the audiovisual artwork and its reception, and on the term “audiovisual art” itself. A matter of perspective, a matter of process, a matter of reflection, a matter of content, a matter of... this may be expanded at will.

The question itself remains. Important key words such as “perspective,” “(self-)reflection,” “development,” “rethinking,” “placing,” or “going beyond yourself” are an array of terms that have shaped the sound:frame tradition for the past two years: bringing up festival-specific questions and thus making the festival itself the topic of discussion.

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