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  1. Video Feedback

    by Martin Thoburn joined

    354 Videos / 211 Members

    a group Dedicated to Videos created using an optical feedback loop. "When the camera points at itself the truth is revealed"

  2. In/Out Fest

    by Christopher Gilroy joined

    46 Videos / 53 Members

    In/Out Fest is a annual digital arts festival that takes place in New York City that features some of the cutting edge technologists, programmers, performers, thinkers, and makers. The focus is on…

  3. Trapcode

    by Peder Norrby joined

    1,722 Videos / 1,650 Members

    Share clips and tutorials with other Trapcode artists. Comment on the works of others. The idea is to help each other get better.

  4. Sound and Vision

    by Ocusonic joined

    53 Videos / 28 Members

    dedicated to video and installation, where sound is intrinsically linked to the image and each plays as significant a role as the other in an unseperable symbiosis

  5. TouchDesigner

    by Derivative joined

    1,030 Videos / 1,215 Members

    TouchDesigner is a development environment for visual artists, animators, and everyone else to build powerful interactive graphics-accelerated 3D worlds and applications. See the TouchDesigner…

  6. VisualBerlin

    by Kiritan Flux joined

    154 Videos / 649 Members

    VisualBerlin is a video art club that offers a platform for live video performers seeking cooperative projects and mutual exchange. The Videokunst-Club VisualBerlin e.V. is a non-profit organization…

  7. Dance Films

    by Fisher Ensemble joined

    930 Videos / 386 Members

    Any films that include dance

  8. Audio Visual Performance

    by VJ Soyouth - Teratone Vision joined

    12 Videos / 38 Members

    This group is dedicated to sharing artistic and technical skills and realizations in the realm of onstage live audio-video performance. Audio and video synchronization, realtime 3d, interactive processing…

  9. Audio//Visual-Lunchmeat

    by ...::LUNCHMEAT::... joined

    175 Videos / 203 Members

    This group is dedicated to projects, gigs, or festivals combining music and visuals on stage giving to both parts the same priority with the emphases on high quality.. * visual stage designs *…

  10. Ad Infinitum

    by Robert Lyons joined

    324 Videos / 97 Members

    A forum for animation, digital arts, film, motion graphics, and special effects in advertising and commercial production

  11. AV Live // search for visuals (cc)

    by Anomalous Visuals joined

    422 Videos / 346 Members

    DOWNLOADABLE VIDEOS ONLY PLEASE - London based audio visual collective Anomalous Visuals is looking for submission of short films, animation, motion graphics and experimental moving image to be…

  12. electronica visual

    by Giacomo De Luca joined

    2,625 Videos / 768 Members

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