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  1. 01:19

    Fujii Percussion & Voices

    by Soundstreams

    9 Videos

    Soundstreams presents the virtuoso Fujii family of Japan, who are joined by the famed Toronto Children’s Chorus and other guests as they immerse us in an sound world as rich as it is subtle…

  2. 00:00

    Piano Ecstasy

    by Soundstreams

    7 Videos

    Nine Canadian virtuosi join us for an eclectically entertaining program that ranges from hypnotically minimalist to downright funky. Also highlighted is the world premiere of Two Pieces for Three…

  3. 45:29

    The Three Faces of Jerusalem

    by Soundstreams

    5 Videos

    A pluralistic afternoon of music and poetry exploring the past, present and future of one of the world's most complex cities. An afternoon of music and poetry inspired by the traditions of Judaism,…

  4. 24:57

    The Latvian Radio Choir Concert

    by Soundstreams

    12 Videos

    One of the world’s greatest chamber choirs made a rare Canadian appearance in an epic concert celebration of the human voice and spirit. Appearing in Toronto just prior to its U.S. debut…

  5. 03:04

    Celebrate with Soundstreams! 30th Anniversary Gala Concert

    by Soundstreams

    1 Video

    Soundstreams’ 30th season opening party! Acclaimed works by contemporary masters R. Murray Schafer, Steve Reich, and Arvo Pärt are complemented by innovative compositions from today’s…

  6. 21:03

    The Music of Arvo Pärt Concert

    by Soundstreams

    8 Videos

    Arvo Pärt’s compositions are renowned world-wide for their ethereal beauty and profound spirituality. Two recent choral and orchestral masterpieces, both based on sacred texts, are at the…

  7. 45:11

    The Gismontis

    by Soundstreams

    3 Videos

    Brazil’s Egberto Gismonti (composer/piano/guitar) embraces the influences of his heritage with dynamic, pulsating energy and virtuosity! Joined by his son, the brilliant Alexandre Gismonti (guitar),…

  8. 01:07:00

    Soundstreams presents SALON 21: 2013-2014 Season

    by Soundstreams

    6 Videos

    Held at the Gardiner Museum on the third Friday of every month, Salon 21 explores and discovers contemporary Canadian and international composers and performers, along with special guests from the…

  9. 56:54

    Passion after St. Matthew

    by Soundstreams

    2 Videos

    A jazz-infused Passion for the modern age—inspired by a masterpiece of the Baroque. By blending jazz improvisation with classical tradition, Australia's leading contemporary music ensemble,…

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