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  1. FGFS

    by SoundTrack subscribed to

    91 Videos / 8 Followers

    A channel about fixed gear freestyle


    by DBF subscribed to

    1,889 Videos / 390 Followers

    FIXED GEAR, SKATE, ART, ADS. AND COOL STUFF FOLLOW ME ON http://dawnofbw.tumblr.com/


    by Tim Kaiser subscribed to

    193 Videos / 19 Followers

    check: www.freestylefixed.org www.radpropaganda.org

  4. iMiNUSD

    by iMiNUSD subscribed to

    179 Videos / 90 Followers


  5. GRIME T.V.

    by TURF BIKES subscribed to

    47 Videos / 46 Followers

    Fixed freestyle riding from the first rider-owned bike company in the game. From the gutters of New York City to the concrete mecca of California; seek and destroy. Rep local - Shred global.

  6. rideBLT

    by rideBLT subscribed to

    306 Videos / 100 Followers

    http://vimeo.com/user5982129 Enjoy a good company of friends and loves to make all sorts of fixed gear related video edits in between our busy times. Follow us on twitter.com/​rideBLT About…

  7. TTv FIXED

    by THIETH subscribed to

    3,035 Videos / 221 Followers

    TTv IS FIXED GEAR FREESTYLE: Strictly the latest and greatest FGFS flicks. no filler/no bullshit... www.TTvBLOG.COM

  8. Fixie Vids by KRNKY

    by tnts subscribed to

    3,759 Videos / 587 Followers

    This is THE channel for fixed gear freestyle and urban riding videos from all over the world. Feel free to contact if you want to share yours. Please send the video link in a message insted of…

  9. Wheel Talk Television

    by Matt Reyes subscribed to

    50 Videos / 25 Followers

    Wheel Talk Television {WT TV}

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