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  1. 03:16

    Drain the Great Lakes

    by 422 South

    9 Videos

    A selection of animated clips from the MSP film for Nat Geo US and Discovery Canada

  2. 01:02

    Alexander's Lost World

    by 422 South

    4 Videos

    A limited selection of animations from the David Adams series

  3. 17:49

    The Link

    by 422 South

    24 Videos

    Photo Re-enactment clips created by 422 South for the Nat Geo Channel series The Link.

  4. 09:01

    Germany from Above

    by 422 South

    11 Videos

    A selection of animated sequences created for the series

  5. 19:22

    America Revealed

    by 422 South

    36 Videos

    A selection of clips produced by 422 South using real data, for the successful PBS series

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