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    by Eric Souther

    91 Videos / 14 Members

    Three dimensional digital objects, spaces, and physical manifestations of them via 3D printing change the way we can see cinematically and what can be built physically. This group is a beginning of…

  2. Jitter Visuals

    by Bryan Teoh

    1,082 Videos / 606 Members

    A place to share new works, discuss techniques, and share ideas related to Cycling '74's Jitter.

  3. MoMA PopRally: Abstract Currents

    by PopRally MoMA

    916 Videos / 846 Members

    Abstract Currents: An Interactive Video Event CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS! SEE ABSTRACT ART AT MoMA: moma.org/inventingabstraction MAKE A ONE-MINUTE ABSTRACT VIDEO ADD IT TO THIS GROUP SEE…

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