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We are a fun, friendly and supportive Toastmasters Club based in Central Gold Coast. Learning to speak in front of others builds courage and improves your life. Join our club and Get to View our Videos on our website.

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  1. Hi Pat, This is a public forum, so I'm going to edit your post above so that no one else can see your username and password. The reason your videos are showing up like that is because of the privacy setting you chose for those videos. You only gave…
  2. Hi Mark, At the bottom of the page above, click on members login and enter pkennelly then toastmaster2012 as a password this will allow you to see the videos page and the problem. Sorry not a webmaster Pat Kennelly
  3. Here you go:!
  4. Help, Can't find my original request for help in this forum? Patrick Southport Toastmasters
  5. Mark commented on Club Members Access
    That page just asks me to become a member, I don't see any videos there.
  6. Simone - General Evaluator - 23 January 2013 Link:
  7. Mark commented on Club Members Access
    Can you link me to where you're embedding the videos please so I can see the issue?
  8. Hi, We Southport Toastmasters are a not-for-profit group. We have a basic membership with you. We have always uploaded the videos of our speeches to VIMEO. We have normally linked our members access to you via a url link but recently that has…