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Cory Sparkuhl’s entertainment industry career has spanned 10+ years, focusing primarily on Cinematography and Post Production. Cory has had a passion for filmmaking since childhood. He grew up in Laguna Beach and graduated from Video Symphony, located in Burbank, CA. There, he majored in Production, Film Editing, Motion, Graphics, and Sound Design. Through the skills he has acquired, Cory is now able to clearly organize the production and postproduction on a variety of topics.

Cory’s business and professionalism has brought him to work with a variety of direct TV distributors in Los Angeles. Currently, he is the director of 3 TV shows. Cory will take on projects and deliver the best quality to his audience. His experience and talents are vast ranging from vegetarian cooking shows to weddings to his current endeavor Skim OC. In 2011, Cory has formed relationships with many local distributors and producers and has started his new film production company, Sparkle Films.

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