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Welcome to SPICE TV's Youtube Channel, Africa's No.1 Fashion & Style Destination! Watch for all your favourite fashion, beauty and style icons, keep up with the newest trends and major runways, cutting edge design and industry innovations, style on your capital's streets and a lot more...

SPICE is Nigeria's foremost international fashion and lifestyle channel with a keen focus of the exploration of the local African Fashion Industry. Presenting African achievement in fashion, beauty and lifestyle, SPICE provides a positive portrayal of the continent and its contribution to contemporary society across the world. The SPICE FASHION CHANNEL has created a new frontier in the industry for all to benefit.

Breaking new ground in Africa's global fashion industry SPICE aims to broadcast unique and authentic shows and programs with a pan African perspective that inform, incite, inspire and delight in equal measure for African's home and abroad. SPICE breaks cultural and production boundaries.

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