David Christian Liedle

Phoenix, Arizona (USA)

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I'm a hacker and new media developer in the USA. I love writing software for the web, unix, and macintosh computers.

I'm a self-prescribed student of Emacs, Xcode/Cocoa, Blender ( blender.org/ ), and Emacs (yes, it needs to be listed twice), and always love finding screencasts about any of those. I am hoping to post some screencasts of my own in the future.

I speak Spanish, French, Latin, a little Russian, and a few phrases in Gujarati and Amharic. I'm eager to add Hebrew, Nynorsk, Nederlands, and several others.

I program in PHP, JavaScript, C, Java, Objective-C, ActionScript, AppleScript, BASH, Emacs Lisp, Erlang, Io, PERL, Python, Ruby, Smalltalk-80, Scratch, Chipmunk Basic, and OpenOffice Basic... I'm looking more into Awk, Sed, Lisp, Haxe, Lua, Mercury, Ocaml, Prolog, OpenLaszlo, and Ada, too. ;]

I am not obsessed with computers OR languages. Telling myself that is largely therapeutic.

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