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A concept brought to Dubai by entrepreneurial Alyamour Brothers, SPiN Dubai features eleven designer Ping-Pong tables, a world class bar, a fusion of international cuisine and a shisha lounge on the terrace. This stylish new venue is the first venue to open outside of North America.

SPiN Dubai is a franchise under SPiN Galactic which is Susan Sarandon’s group of Ping-Pong clubs, considered largely responsible for the rise in popularity of the once-nerdsome sport - in a lively, social setting. SPiN’s mission is to create a community of people socializing, exercising and fantasizing together around a 2.7g, 40mm, gas-filled, celluloid, ricocheting round ball. Created, owned and operated by multi award -winning actress Susan Sarandon with entrepreneurs Franck Raharinosy, Andrew Gordon and Jonathan Bricklin, SPiN continues to expand its brand of unique Ping-Pong social clubs in major cities around the world.

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