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Spitfire Company is currently one of the most progressive ensambles of author physical and dance theatre in the Czech Republic.

Spitfire Company on Facebook : facebook.com/spitfirecompany
Spitfire Company web: spitfirecompany.cz/pages/read/2

Awards: The Herald Angel Award, Total Theatre Award (shortlist), Oustanding Performance Award Prague Fringe, Nominated for The Thalie Award, Next Wave Festival Award, Best of Dancer and Best of Lightdesig2013 at Czech Dance Platform 2013

The works that are characteristic for the ansemble include features such as: emphasis of physical acting on the stage, experimenting with new theaterical features, existencial imbalance of the figures, the trend of connecting different genres and finding new visual stimuli.

The artistic endeavors of Spitfire Co. include not only projects intended for the theatervenues but also site-specific ones, audio-visual projects or street performances encompassing modern dance techniques, musical compositions and visual effects.

Nina Vangeli, Divadelní noviny/Theatre Times
"Spitfire Company´s dance theatre piece would be a vindication for Antonin Artaud; he wasn´t cooped up in an asylum in vain."

R. Rakowski, Moje Miasto Poznan
"Spitfire Company’s Genius Performance... It has been a long time since Poznan last witnessed as good a performance as The Untouchables by Spitfire Company, an ensemble from the Czech Republic."

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