Spooky Action Space Captain

Chicago, IL

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Formed in the crucible that is the Audio Arts & Acoustics department of Columbia College Chicago, Spooky Action Space Captain (hereafter referred to as Spooky Action Space Captain) is a four piece bundle of sweat, tears, and weirdos. Guitarists TJ and Karla don't actually know how to play their instruments, but succeed in painting sonic pictures of rainbows and catfish. Graham (formerly of Floating Ghost and Parts of Pieces of People, two other bands you've never heard of), bassist and general ne'er-do-well, had a mustache but currently does not. Once thought to be as mysterious as Graham's former mustache, it turns out that drummer Luc is actually a pretty nice guy and an excellent designated driver. Together, these seemingly incongruent people coalesce into what can be called the greatest unclassified-rockrock/jangle-pop band in the Lesser Chicagoland Metropolitan Area...Spooky Action Space Captain.
We also enjoy playing birthday parties