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Springh weave an intricate tapestry of soulful cosmic space rock, fusing progressive experimental soundscapes with the pop sensibilities of early 90′s grunge. They combine alternate tunings, effects driven guitar and affected violin tones with countrified vocal harmonies.

After playing in a North London folk collective for many years, Sam Swift Glasman (guitar/vox) , Lisa Sara Jenkin (violin/vox) and Jeremy Guth (drums/vox) went gig crazy and attended a stream of shows by the likes of My Bloody Valentine, Mogwai and Swans. These shows were so powerful that the band immediately invested in an array of analogue effects and Springh was born.They teamed up with Without My Medicine bassist Jack Brockbank and set off to Toerag studios to record their first EP with vintage specialist Liam Watson (White Stripes, Zutons).

Since then the band have been regularly playing around London as well as making the odd appearance in festivals around the UK. They are currently preparing projections and lighting for their stage show to coincide with the release of the first EP Springh later this year on their own imprint Springh Song.

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  1. Great video and song.. looking forward to seeing you on Friday night. Hope to get a load of uni nerds along too..