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New York

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Spyro Serbos | 3D animator | technical director

Spyro is a creative and technical CG artist. His abilities include but are not limited to modeling, rigging, animation, rendering and compositing. Many years of mel scripting, and at times C++/ Python/Maya API, allow Spyro to constantly create tools as needed, to enhance the competitive edge of the production team within which he is working. These tools allow for quicker, more controllable and flexible production under demanding schedules.

Spyro is also very proficient in various forms of dynamic simulations including Particle, Cloth and Hair Dynamics, using them frequently in surprising ways, perhaps outside their intended use.

Aside from strong technical skills, Spyro also has a passion for character design, which when combined with tools such as Zbrush and Maya, can produce remarkably charming characters.

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