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I'm a Music producer and mixer, surround mixer, videographer, music for picture, software and electronic hardware inventor, and tape baking expert. I've also done stints in the movie business special effects field and the early video game industry, and also a life as an A&R man. I seem to be happiest and most efficient when I'm put into a challenging situation that has to be done right in a tight time frame.

I like:
cats and rats, acoustic guitars, young jazz artists, and good audio and video. My mantra is "Good audio makes better video."

Name dropping:
CSNY, Doobies, Van Morrison, Grateful Dead, Herb Alpert, Village Recorders, A&M Studios, Wally Heider Recording, Elektra Records, David Crosby, Graham Nash,NRPS

My adventures in media started when I was still in junior high school, working at various radio stations in Kansas City. Not content with just spinning records, I also sought to make them, which I did first at my home basement studio complete with disc cutter and two pro mono machines. This led to a lifetime of recording music professionally, and working with other medial and industries as well.

I currently live in San Franciso with my cat, Lola.

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