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  1. e.d.Films (Daniel Gies)

    e.d.Films (Daniel Gies) PRO Montreal


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    @edfilmsworld we make stories that move. e.d.Films is a boutique animation studio based out of Montreal, Canada. Driven to make and share meaningful stories, backed by strong technical and artistic skills, we take each production from conception to delivery. We offer full-service pre-production,…




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    Realizamos videos, spots, documentales. Conceptualizamos, creamos, damos soluciones y contenidos audiovisuales para redes sociales. Inventamos los V-Shot: breves y potentes videos de presentación de marca. Recomendamos especialmente Sal Lobos, Sunbelle Berries, Secretos de la Unión,…

  3. Laura Millan

    Laura Millan Spain


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    Laura Millán is an artist and designer. She usually works on graphic design, product design and handmade animation

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