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I am a filmmaker (a.k.a producer, director, DP, editor and sometimes writer) with over 25 years experience in film and video production and post-production.

My family owns a movie theater that dates back to 1931 and was the inspiration for getting into moving pictures.

I presently produce four television series that air in the US and Canada: "Safari Hunter's Journal", "Hittin' the Outdoors with Wade Boggs", Steve Scott's Outdoor Guide" and "Big 5: Africa's Dangerous Game."

My first feature length documentary, "The Buckle: Gays in the Bible Belt" is in post now. Two other docs are in preproduction, "Hunting for Liberals" and "Knights in Dirty Armor."

I completed one narrative feature film, "Guilt Complex" and have two scripts I have co-written and I would like to produce.

I have produced, directed or shot for commercial and corporate clients including Audi, Volkswagen, Freightliner trucks, Walmart, American Express and Winnebago motor homes.




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  1. Hi Todd, just curious.. you said the ax100 failed the codec test.. what exactly was the test.. and how did it fail? For what I see. the image looks great.. some of the shots were a bit out of focus.. but other than that I didn't see any problems.