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  1. The Age Of Insolence

    by Jim Jones subscribed to

    267 Videos / 1,870 Followers

  2. The Swamp

    by Franck Deron subscribed to

    2,443 Videos / 611 Followers

    Get lost.

  3. Ethereal & Intense

    by Sunchaser Pictures subscribed to

    239 Videos / 232 Followers

    A collection of chill clips to set the mood, change the pace and push the limits. TWITTER: @GAVINHEFFERNAN

  4. Pavel Badzhakov Fashion Photography Channel

    by Pavel Badzhakov subscribed to

    16.6K Videos / 10.5K Followers

    MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! ALL THE BEST IN THE NEW 2015! CHEERS! PAVEL BADZHAKOV Pavel Badzhakov - Pavzo is London based fashion photographer and videographer with over 17 years…

  5. Circles

    by STEAMCLAM subscribed to

    4 Videos / 1 Follower

    Here you can view Circles that are available. Please feel free to download and reedit and post

  6. Wildlife HD

    by Prasad RL subscribed to

    175 Videos / 1,542 Followers

  7. Short Film Collections

    by vimeo subscribed to

    32 Videos / 38 Followers

    Short Film Collections from around Vimeo

  8. Filming In Progress

    by Planet60 Films subscribed to

    85 Videos / 64 Followers

    If you would like to be a moderator email Planet60 films!

  9. Analog Motion Graphics

    by Gabriel Shalom subscribed to

    153 Videos / 572 Followers

    A channel dedicated to experiments in hand-crafted motion graphics. Goodbye keyframes. Hello smoke and mirrors.

  10. shape+colour

    by shape+colour subscribed to

    516 Videos / 428 Followers

    shape-and-colour.com shapeandcolour.tumblr.com instagram.com/shapeandcolour My favourite motion design and video works from the art, motion and design blog shape+colour. Thanks to everyone…

  11. Shoot for the Edit

    by Charlie McCarthy subscribed to

    70 Videos / 12.1K Followers

    This channel is for sharing editing and shooting techniques for beginning and advanced video producers.

  12. The Reels - The Official Demo Reel Channel on Vimeo

    by Karen Abad subscribed to

    675 Videos / 9,718 Followers

    This is a Channel dedicated to showcasing the bestest Demo Reels by the talented members on Vimeo.

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