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  1. Martin Shewchuk's Reel

    19 videos

    Martin Shewchuk's work as a director on this reel has been awarded with Cannes Film gold and silver lions as well as multiple shortlist credits. They've also been featured on "TBS Funniest Commercials", CNN ,"SHOT's" and BBC's "Funniest Adverts" shows…

  2. Steam Bessies Finalists 2012

    3 videos

    This year's finalists have been announced and we're very proud to have 3 spots in the mix! http://thebessies.ca/2012

  3. Director Stuart A. McIntyre

    6 videos

    Represented exclusively by Steam Films // www.steamfilms.ca

  4. Benji Weinstein

    3 videos

    Exclusively represented in Canada by Steam Films.

  5. Up All Night

    4 videos

    A few of our favourite excerpts from Dir. James Griffiths new show. Airs Wednesdays 8/7c.

  6. Big Red Button

    10 videos

    Directing duo exclusively represented in Canada by Steam Films.

  7. Martin Granger's Kraft Velveeta Campaign

    2 videos

    Martin Granger directs a series of spot for Kraft Velveeta.

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