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Stefan Fitzner is a Basel/Switzerland-based Motion Graphic Designer and Filmmaker. He is also a Member of the european artist collective «We Invented Paris». He recently created and finished a series of Short films and experimental album trailers for «WIP» and other independent Bands like the german «Still Parade», «Marie and the redCat» and «Listen to Polo». In 2012 he began also to direct commercials, such as campaign spots for Adidas.

He is currently working on a documentary film about the first years of «We Invented Paris» as an upcoming band. The Movie's still untitled and should be released in 2013.

Born in 1984 in Swiss Schaffhausen, He spent his first few years in an impersonal apartment block district in the industrial border region near Germany. To escape this amorphous grey scene, He spent his childhood sketching and playing music. The desire grew to improve his surroundings aesthetically through art and abstraction and so to breathe new life into his personal environment. At the beginning of the Nineties Stefan Fitzner moved to Basel which became his new home town. For him, formed by the dull Schaffhausen conurbation, the new city bubbled with positive cultural and artistic impressions. At 15, still convinced that his future lay in the creative profession of automobile design, Fitzner started working in the research department of a plastic manufacturer. And then, one day, a colleague thrust into his hands a copy of the documentary about the world tour of British alternative-rock band Radiohead, «Meeting people is easy» directed by Grant Gee. From the moment he first watched it he knew that he wished to spend the rest of his life working with film and music. After years working as a freelancer and in a film production agency, in 2011 he joined «We Invented Paris» as a Video Artist and Filmmaker.

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