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I provide Voiceover Services, specialising in - but not limited to -voiceover for mobile apps for children and adults, animation, audiobooks, cartoon voiceovers, ipod, ipad, Android, etc. mobile apps and stories for children voiceovers, corporate projects (including on-hold messages/voicemail, e-learning voiceover, explanatory video voiceover, narration, training, podcasts, real estate video tour voiceover), relaxation CD voiceover, motivational videos and audiobooks, positive thinking recordings, meditation CD voiceover, positive affirmations CD voiceover, radio promos/station ids, and internet and radio drama (theatre).

Colleagues and clients have described my voice as: narrative, guide, bright, warm, different, upbeat, conversational, clear, energetic, friendly, sweet, young and versatile with a Mid-Atlantic/Transatlantic (midway between American and British) American dialect.

It's also been called Soft American - that is not too British, not too American. A native of the USA who's lived here in England for many years, I specialise in an American and/or British dialect. Many people believe my natural accent falls somewhere in between.

I also host a podcast, which sometimes features a serialised narration (audio theatre) of The Violet Strange mysteries, and at other times features motivational quotes broadcasts, poems and a mix of other stories:

My video subjects are voiceovers for various projects, inspirational/motivational videos, and making little animated videos. I'm not a professional animator by a long shot though! :)

However, I love anime and animations. Since I can do a variety of character voices, I'd be happy to collaborate with animators on their projects. With my corporate voiceover experience, I'd be more than pleased to provide voices for corporate video projects, explanatory videos, e-learning, etc.

Feel free to get in contact with me through Vimeo.

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