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I was born the 30th of June 1986 in Milan, Italy. Since I was very young drawing has been mine main passion and love. I enrolled at NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti - New Fine Arts Academy) to learn new fields of specializations and new tecniques. I graduated in 2009 but since 2007 I had the opportunity to collaborate with production companies and industry professionals who have allowed me to participate in projects characterized by different graphic styles and good visibility. From September 2010 I'm working at Mutado, as 2d animator.


  1. Giulia Terragni
  3. CRCR
  4. colorsynth™
  5. Rocketpanda
  6. Giant Animation Studios
  7. PUNGA
  8. Mario Zorzi
  9. paolo arisi
  10. Romain SEGAUD
  11. Ronda
  12. Julia Pott
  13. Golden Wolf
  14. Brand New School
  15. Headless Productions
  16. Emmanuelle Walker
  17. Sylvain MARC /Polyminthe
  18. Passion Paris

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