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Swiss artist based in Berlin: audio-performances, outdoor interventions & audiovisual live-acts with interactive elements using diy-technologies, voice synthesis software, hardware hacking and various forms of analogue and digital media and working methods.
Collaborations with Annette Krebs (Telefon), Georg Klein and the vocal performance group "Maulwerker" for many years.

Recent collaborations with Emma Bennett (London) and Lara Russi (Zürich). Since 2010 Weismann has performed a series of situative solo performances with her audiobelt "LapStrap", an instrument that she developed during a 2-years stipend at the Academy of Fine Arts Braunschweig in the field of performance and sound art.

As a video artist she did numerous collaborations with contemporary composers at festivals like ECLAT Stuttgart, Maerzmusik Berlin, Tesla Berlin and Berlinische Galerie (HörenSehen 2.0). Interactive installations with the sound artist Georg Klein (Festival sonambiente 2006, Schlossmediale Werdenberg CH 2013)

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