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  1. orange animation

    by Juan Carlos Cruz

    678 Videos / 253 Followers

  2. Selected Animations & Motiongraphics

    by mariolo

    908 Videos / 655 Followers

    only good animation and art direction...any animation technique is allowed!!

  3. Smart Motion

    by Dumbwaiter Design

    2,114 Videos / 3,763 Followers

    Featuring some of the smartest and most creative motion graphics pieces on Vimeo. Tune in we are live!

  4. To Mars and beyond

    by Stephane coedel

    23 Videos / 15 Followers

    This channel is trying to collect all sort of good stories or ideas, animations, live actions and other evocative creations about Space Exploration and fantasies about anticipation and futuristic…

  5. Weird, fun and awesome!

    by Stephane coedel

    5 Videos / 9 Followers

    This Channel is made for all fans of bizarre and weird but funny moving pictures and sounds. criterion: WEIRD FUNNY AWESOME WELL DONE BEAU

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