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  1. After Effects Animations

    by schoft

    35 Videos / 1,660 Followers

    This channel is created for all the video editors making animations in Adobe After Effects. You can share your own creations, Or view and comment other people's work.

  2. To Mars and beyond

    by Stephane coedel

    27 Videos / 16 Followers

    This channel is trying to collect all sort of good stories or ideas, animations, live actions and other evocative creations about Space Exploration and fantasies about anticipation and futuristic…

  3. J'aime Jouer - La série


    14 Videos / 7 Followers

    J’AIME JOUER est constitué de 20 modules de 5 minutes chacun. Sous forme d’entretiens croisés autour de thématiques fortes liées à l’univers…

  4. Like video

    by kay saith

    9 Videos / 12 Followers


  5. Weird, fun and awesome!

    by Stephane coedel

    5 Videos / 9 Followers

    This Channel is made for all fans of bizarre and weird but funny moving pictures and sounds. criterion: WEIRD FUNNY AWESOME WELL DONE BEAU

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