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Stephanie is a New York City photographer who specializes in dance and portraiture photography. Stephanie received her BFA in Photography from Montclair State University in 2011. Besides her training in fine art and commercial photography, dance is another profession she has studied, ranging from company based to commercial work. No matter what project she is involved in, Stephanie finds a way to include her knowledge of movement in her photography work.

Stephanie has an organized, simplistic aesthetic with light playing a significant role in her series of work. Stephanie's approach to lighting her subjects are influenced by artists like Caravaggio, Francis Bacon, The Quay Brothers, Howard Schatz, and Lois Greenfield. She factors rich blacks, delicate whites, and is straight forward in presenting her subject.

Stephanie is an established photographer with a keen eye for capturing the perfect moment, whether it be a dancer in mid-air or the instant of eye contact revealing untold experiences. She has produced extraordinary imagery for an extensive list of reputable clients.

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