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Paris - FRANCE

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Stéphanie Varela French artist and film maker, specialising in Motion Painting, an art form which she incorporates into her film work to create sensitive and highly individual visual images.

Her work has been favourably noticed by great artists such as David Lynch and Serge Bromberg.

Recurring themes in her artistic output are : Surrealism, magic and dreams, childhood, femininity, the power of love and relationships, the natural and animal world.

Her work encompasses : Motion Painting, Peinture Animée, History of cinema and Animation, Performance Art, Contemporary art film, Documentary film , Art education, Advertising.

Her Doctoral Thesis on Motion Painting , published in 2010 by Editions L’Harmattan, Paris, in their Collection Champs Visuels, under the title : "La Peinture Animée entre Peinture et Cinéma" - incorporating "Essai sur Emile Reynaud (1844-1918)", the first in depth academic study of the subject.

Dr Stéphanie Varela gives lectures on Motion Painting and pre-cinema history and conducts seminars and practical workshops in this animation technique as well as pursuing her own exploration of this art form in her practice a painter and film director.

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