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Born in Laguna Beach, CA, Stephen Crout received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Southern California in Film and Television: Critical Studies, minoring in Fine Arts. During the three decades as a California resident, Stephen spent time working in the Hollywood Film Industry, the Aerospace Industry, and the Technical Ceramic Industry. Outside of corporate employment, Stephen's artistic passions have involved: creating and directing a Co-Op Art Gallery for student and emerging artists in Costa Mesa, CA, working as a freelance event photographer and videographer, and acting as the Operations Manager for an online video company based out of Los Angeles. In 2010, Stephen left California to take a position as the Visiting Digital Media Arts Professor at Cochise College in Southeastern Arizona. And in the Fall of 2012, Stephen began pursuing his Masters of Fine Arts in Film & Media Arts at Temple University's Center for the Arts. Defining himself a Visual Artist who works in a wide range of artistic mediums, Stephen's most recent work reflects the eclectic mix of his life experiences: focusing on the visual aesthetic of mixed media, experimental narrative and documentary filmmaking.


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