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Under the title of '(the contradiction of) STEPHEN SMITH' Steve works as a freelance music video artist. Based in London, he focuses on animation and live action with emphasis on the syncing, structure, pace and mood of the music. Resulting in music videos that are interesting, entertaining, attention grabbing and original.

Working as a solo artist, Steve has the opportunity to use his creative preferences to make ideal music videos without loosing integrity. Maybe the most cost-effective director available, Steve creates high quality pieces, without a budget, by utilizing his specifications.

Having created many music videos, including ones for 'The Futureheads', 'Turin Brakes', 'cLOUDDEAD', 'Enter Shikari', and 'Biffy Clyro', Steve has gained a small but interested following with high acclaim. And a show reel that could challenge even the most sort-after studios in the industry.

Enjoying the continued success of his show reel, (the contradiction of) STEPHEN SMITH has progressed to exciting opportunities including further plans with established and successful musicians.

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