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The founding member of Nothing To See Here and creative director, I am primarily a self-taught filmmaker. The work I have done so far spans from the initial stages of independently funded music videos’ to videos for internationally acclaimed artists such like Blood Red Shoes, Fatboy Slim, Juliette Lewis and many more dynamic and often underground artists. The videos have been a great start to learning about the dynamics of film as they have often been produced with low resources, and with tight deadlines but to a high standard. This also provided the creative leeway for me express my ideas and formulate a bold distinctive style, which after a short period has reached high acclaim from industry professionals. This includes a selection from onedotzero for ‘I Manifest’ (3D animation) and a CAD music nomination for the Fat Boy Slim video ‘Champion sound’.

Alongside music videos are live performances from venues and festivals. I have also filmed EPK’s covering intimate interviews with creative types such as Prinzhorn Dance School, which was presented at the Oberhausen Short Film Festival in Germany. Xpress 2 EPK, broadcast on channel four, Robert Downy Jr film a Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, which was included with the DVD and more.

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