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"Life looks better on film."-Steven Brown

I am a professional film maker in Apple Valley, California.
My story of how i got into film making isn't as glamorous as most people think. I didn't start using a Super 8 camera or make an Indiana Jones film when i was 12 years old or anything like that, even though i wish i had. I started doing work with video around 16 years old when i was into skateboarding, but i didn't start really thinking about doing film making as a career path until i was 18/19 years old. My ex girlfriend had a few friends that did film making and i couldn't believe the things they could do, i was instantly hooked and it was what i wanted to do. I started looking up independent and foreign films more so that i could get a real good grasp on how stories were told in the independent film industry. From there i looked into camera's and gear, the first camera i ever used for my work was a Canon GL1, an old DV camera but it was exactly what i needed to achieve my goals, which was a camera. Over time i upgraded to DSLR/HDV/HDR shooting and i became even more intrigued by the possibilities. I took some schooling and some apprenticeships to get to where i am today, and if weren't for the amazing people that took the time to teach me this craft then i would probably be doing something dumb with my life. I owe them everything, i even owe my ex girlfriend some credit for introducing me to the people that sparked my interest in film making, pains me to say that but it is true.

I had a good leg up when it came to DSLR shooting, i didn't have to learn much since my mom has been doing professional photography since before i was born. I also have had the privilege to work with professional photographer James T. Blakely, i learned a lot about photography lighting setups from him and i applied them to how i would set up lights for DSLR film making. After learning all of this basic stuff for creating relatively good work, i decided to start my career and to continue to learn everything i could while working with clientele.

A few of my clients are as follows:
NHL, Dodge, MTV, Western Digital, HP, Bacardi, Media Networking Universe, Bravado Living, Abercrombie & Fitch

I now do professional work in the industry of film making and photography, this channel showcases my work.

My name is Steven Brown, and i am a film maker.

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