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St. Juju Productions is a two man production team based in Austin, TX. We make indie films, music videos, documentaries, interview style interviews, and commercial product videos

Edward St. Joseph - Writer / Director / Videographer / Editor
Juju Smith - Art Director / Producer / Videographer

More About Edward St. Joseph
At age eight, Edward was inspired by Tennessee Williams' The Glass Menagerie to pick up a pen and start writing scripts. By age 14 he entered the world of Theater where he would discover his love for Acting and Directing. His career began shortly after high school at yearly festivals in Austin, Texas known as In 2 the West and Carnival Ah where he received hands-on training loading cameras, building sets, hanging and focusing of lighting, developing theatrical scenery, developing stage craft, basics of make-up, costume and prop acquisition, and coaching/directing actors.

In 1997, Edward began studying Acting for film with Mona Lee (owner of Brite Lites Acting Studio) where he quickly moved from student to directing and coaching fellow classmates. After 4 years of training at Brite Lites Acting Studio, Edward was offered a scholarship to Julliard New York Film Academy but turned it down to travel and experience life. After a long hiatus, Edward would return to the Theater, this time for a six year tour of Acting, Directing, and Writing plays. One night after rehearsals, Edward was approached by one of his mentors Sidney Brammer who offered him a role in her film 'The Flea Circus” (Edward portrayed a young Senator Gonzalo Barrientos) This would mark the second time film walked back into his life. While on the set of “The Flea Circus”, Edward fell in love with the entire process of film making and was now determined to make his own mark on the world of film. His first sophomore effort, Red Rover, established him as a new voice in Writing and Directing Films.

Since then, he has become known for his dark and stylish thrillers including Red Rover Episode 2 'Bruce Payne' and '2 & Twenty-Six' as well as his Romantic Comedies “An Afternoon with The Bradfords” and his latest series “It's Always About a Girl'. Edward received “The Indie Award” from Indie Fest in La Jolla, California for Best Writer/Director and would later go on to win Best Writer/Director/Editor for “Red Rover” Episode 1 at LA Webfest in Los Angles, California. His Screenplays have placed as finalists in numerous International Screenplay Festivals around the world and has since published a Short-Story compilation entitled “Shadow of the Butterfly” with fellow collaborator JD Moss.

Currently, Edward is: working on a Stop Motion Animation Series entitled “Obie and Oscar” (Created by Juju Smith), filming the second episode for “It's Always about a Girl”, in pre-production of “2 & Twenty-Six”, and is scheduled to Direct “Unblocking Tess” a romantic comedy written by Actress/Writer Sarah Clark

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