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Stockholm Fringe Fest (Stoff) is a non-profit organisation whose wholehearted ambition is to support emerging innovative artists who are struggling to develop their work and/or to keep it alive.

The Stockholm Fringe Fest mission is to shape a creative platform hosting artists from all over the world. Stoff welcomes the young, the old and everyone in between. The Fest is for those who want to explore, criticise, exchange, question, enjoy, be surprised and for those who simply want to be a part of a thrilling atmosphere where anything is possible. In other words - the Fest is for everyone!

What slightly differentiates Stoff from a traditional Fringe Festival is that our current primary focus is on promoting performance theatre and installation-art; the new, the innovative and the cutting edge.

As Stoff grows we hope to be able to diversify further and become a fringe festival open for all forms of artistic expression. 

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