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Stonestreet Studios is a multi-service educational, entertainment, and Internet institution as well as a screen acting and directing conservatory. We are a fully operative studio facility comprised of several enterprises, including Stonestreet's acting training program that is one of the affiliated advanced drama conservatories of the New York University Tisch School of the Arts (TSOA) Drama Department.

Students train and work in the same environment as professional directors, casting directors, and agents, among other industry personnel. With access to full production and post-production facilities (including several editing systems and editors), students learn the unique demands of the camera, film and television scripts, and set work. Stonestreet students experience firsthand the challenges of the film medium by acting in production-level short movies, dramatic series, sitcoms, and commercials. Under the guidance of their teachers, who are all working professionals in the industry, they are able to deepen their understanding of process and performance and learn to contribute to, touch, and inspire an audience.

At Stonestreet, we empower actors and directors to make their own films, and give them the tools and contacts to get started. Our current students and alums have made hundreds of short films in Stonestreet's courses, and we are very proud of our ongoing collaborative work with the NYU-TSOA Department of Film and Television (since 2009) and Department of Dramatic Writing (since 2002).

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