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These moving pictures brought to you by
a creative branch of O.O.P.S.! corps.
[Organizing Operatives of Philanthropic Schemes]

Just ask nicely:
for the password to view any videos marked "private"!
(a film festival requirement...)

"and that vision can be summed up in one word: relevance."

"all eaten up by snakes and other large mammals..."
-Bountiful Borrego!

"oh look at that: the walls match your clothes!"
-The Half-Life Secure

"oh look at that: I match the chair!"
-And In Her It Danced: An Inheritance

"hmm... thinking of scissors..."
-How to Open A Young Coconut and Walk Upon the Beach

"got some blues going on, feeling a little bit low?"
-Bountiful Borrego!

"no one wants to see this. no one wants to see me do this."

"in 3---out 4----good now chant: aaaaaahhhhhh"
-The Half-Life Secure

"Ugh, I just want to kill her!"
-And In Her It Danced: An Inheritance

"I think you've proved your point here."
-How to Open A Young Coconut and Walk Upon the Beach

"just let me smell you--one more time--please."
-Project! (coming soon)

"we'll all get through this together."
-Cry In Public (coming soon)

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