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Strike One is the story of a young man and his family dealing with life in an East Los Angeles, gang infested, barrio.

Juan Gerardo, 17 years old, is at a crossroads in his life as he struggles to find his place in the world. His choices: an average-main-stream-American life, the path his older sister Angie has chosen or that of his Uncle Manny, an ex-Los Muertos gang banger-turned-TV Star.

Living in a community where gangs are a way of life Juan faces the continual pressure of his peers as well as the burden of living in the shadow his Uncle Manny’s legendary reputation as a Los Muertos OG. Juan seems doomed to a never-ending cycle. Ironically, the efforts of Juan’s sister and uncle set off a series of events that lead to Juan’s incarceration and ultimately to Manny’s death.

Angie enlists Manny’s old-time attorney friend, Alan Hartford, in an effort to elicit some semblance of justice in a system that lacks compassion and is all too quick to racially categorize.

The story’s backdrop is the city of Los Angeles, from the pristine beaches of the Pacific Palisades to the sun scorched, smog infested, streets of East LA. Through the eyes of the Gerardo family and our supporting characters, we see LA’s pronounced economic diversity and are given yet another perspective on the old standard ‘you can’t judge a book by its cover’.

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