Arcata, Calif.

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I'm a photojournalist working with Venatore Media, Treehouse Music Entourage and World Famous Productions. My goal is to capture the life of music.
At Venatore I work with Travis Turner taking photographs and video at various music festivals throughout the year, creating spreads for everyone not fortunate enough to make the long journeys.
With Treehouse, I work with Ryan Barker documenting every event he puts on in Humboldt County and at festival. I also talent scount to find performers to visual stimulate the crowd while the musical artist plays their tune.
At World Famous, I photograph the likes of Bassnectar, Beats Antique, EOTO and every other dope DJ Matty brings into Arcata, Calif. It's impossible to recreate the emotion on a persons face while they're completely enveloped in their passion - I capture those unreplicable moments in life.

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