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Created in 2010, Studio Action Videos is an evolving movie company specializing in making quality videos.

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  • Studio Action Videos - Check out our website where you can watch our movies!
  • Trolley Track Road Productions - Studio Action Videos has helped work on the videos on this page.
  • Primo, Giuseppe, and Giovanni - On March 21, 1931, while preparing chimney to be torn down at the pulp mill in Powell River, 3 workers fell to their deaths, and one was seriously injured after the scaffolding broke and they fell. Find out more at their webpage.
  • Edward Norman Screen Projection - Ed Norman's resplendent organ technique, timing and articulation and innate sense of perfect registration bring organ masterpieces to life, as Don James conducts the Academy Chamber Choir for the final time, after twenty years.


  1. Powell River Film Festival
  2. WrightAwey
  3. Lynne Knight
  4. Cathy Laccetti