Utrecht, the Netherlands

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Rob Jansen is owner from STUDIO XLM hdslr videoproductions - videography and photography.

After working as a successful contemporary artist about 24 years I've exchanged the tassels around 2002 for the dslr after the camera, because I was looking for more dynamic and movement. As an artist, you're primarily visual set, which is very handy to me with the camera. In 2004 I founded Studio XLM.

My preference are documentaries, corporate presentations, events registration, camjo, nature, wildness and travelling, fun and challenging video and photography assignments, portraits, fashion, human rights/health and social aspects.

I am an independent filmmaker, videographer, photographer, producer, cameraman, editor, sounddesigner. producer of video content/advertising and ambassador of Lanparte (the Netherlands).

"Captivating copy and dynamic design are essential components of any marketing campaign but when it comes to persuasive storytelling, video is by far the most effective medium. Video provides a multi-sensory experience that engages audiences in ways other mediums simply cannot, and as a result marketers are keeping a keen eye on this rapidly rising channel."
(Lim Wan Tsau, business development director, media partnerships, APAC)

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