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Man about town, producer and host of The Drag Show, Frisco Today and Face2Face with Stu Smith, all on SF Commons public access television. Channel's 29, 76 and 99 depending on your cable carrier. My former life included two distinct careers, as CEO of a Silicon Valley start-up in the 1960's and 1970's, and then as a restaurateur in the 1980's, 1990's and then disabled by HIV. That disability turned into a wild ride into the world of non profit volunteer service taking me to the boards of Shanti Project, The Richmond Ermet Aids Foundation, The Citywide Alcoholism and Drug Advisory Board, The UCSF Aids Research Institute, The SF Bay Area Publicity Club, The Community Television Corporation, Tin Pan Alley Productions, Inc. and City commissions and boards including the LGBT Senior Task Force, The Paratranist Coordinating Executive Council and a host of other organizations. My service with The Community Television Corporation prompted me to take courses at AccesSF and become a producer of The Drag Show, Frisco Today and Face 2 Face with Stu Smith. I also write a regular column for The Bay Times and am very involved in the recovery community. I'm partnered to a great guy and we're very happy. He too is an high achiever and is involved in graphic arts and web development.

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