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Creature TD, Lead Rigging Artist & Programmer
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Having veteran experience as a Programmer & Rigging Artist with a natural phenomena in rigging & simulations, with strong technical, programming & analytical skills like API, Python, C++, Mel, Fusion & Nuke Scripting for VFX, Worked for Anaganaga O Dheerudu(Disney), Robot/Endhiran, MagaDheera, Gaalipata (Kannada), Arundhathi like super hit movies.

Worked as Service Engineer for 9 years in Automotive industry (Caterpillar), impassioned by Scripting & Animation, switched over to Animation Industry. From the start of this career, Every step has been taken carefully to develop various tools with a focus of eliminating most of manual processes from pipeline.

Developed various pipeline scripts like AssetsLibrary, ScriptsLibrary & GeoCache etc. and various other tools like as_HyperSkin, as_SnakeKit, as_EasyRig, as_EasyBird, as_EasyInsect, as_CreateWind, as_SkinTransfer, as_PathAnim, as_AutoAnim, as_EasyCloth, as_RagDoll and as_MultiSnakes etc.

My goal is to eliminate the rigging process to the maximum extent through programming and to give freedom to animator, so that he can go ahead as per his visualization during animation

Able to automate most of the manual and repetitive processes by developing scripted modules from various abstract and complicated situations. Rigging many characters in less time without loosing the quality to meet production deadlines is possible.

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