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Sulzer is a brand communications firm that believes that a well-thought-out and well-executed brand communications platform can truly make or break an organization in today’s hyper-competitive and ever-changing world. Our firm was founded on the belief that we would set out every day to accomplish three primary objectives: build brands (listen), grow businesses (work hard), and as a result satisfy our client partners (deliver results).

Our goal, from the very beginning, has been to develop an intimate and creative design-based approach to brand communications for all of our clients. The focus of Sulzer is centered on developing specialized, innovative work that will make a true difference in a brand’s ability to connect and, more importantly, relate to the consumer. Our vision at Sulzer is to create a positive impact with each brand development campaign we collaboratively create and implement with each of our brand partners. This in turn furthers their ability to become market leaders within their respective industries and professions.

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