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  2. Not sure if this is promoting nudity or not. let me know if it is okay Link:
  3. ETKI / EFFECT (Short Film-English Subtitles) If the eye has a memory, the thing that it saw can be the most beautiful? (Different fiction, Different Story) Manisa Altın Üzüm Film Festivali En İyi Film Ödülü (Best Short Film Award) İstanbul Kısa…
  4. Yousef, if your videos are even half as fantastic as your spamming the forums efforts, they must be worth a look. I can't wait to see them.
  5. nobody is on facebook anymore
  6. Hey Check out my short film more info:
  7. my short movie trailer
  8. Please check out my work on Vimeo and let me know if you would like me to submit anything. I have done a few music videos and motion graphic pieces. Thanks!