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Smash TV is the leading music television station in a parallel universe similar to our own. In this world, the ideals of creative music television carried on after the initial cultural explosion in the 1980s. It's long form entertainment for a generation of Youtube junkies looking for their next fix.

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  1. todd jones
  2. Spcl Ntrst
  3. Tomas Holmqvist
  4. Hirnduebel
  5. xavier magot / revenge
  6. Everything Is Terrible!
  7. Lauren Pelc - McArthur
  8. splitradix
  9. Matthijs_Vlot
  10. Glenn Marshall
  11. Andrew DeFrancis
  12. Lucio Arese
  13. Lucas Vogt
  14. Brain Wash
  15. Jack Zalium
  17. Shadamehr Enshaedn
  18. VHS Head

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  1. Good choice not using the Fatboy Slim video.
  2. I have to ask, how long did this take you? Did you do it for a school project or just because of your love for the subject